Who can submit photos?

Anyone! BUT the final email submission must come from the photographer.

How do I submit?

You can see all open themes on our Facebook Page. From there you simply post the photo you’d like to submit in a comment and we’ll message you the details if you’re selected for the issue.

What rights am I giving to Magnolia Moon?

You, the photographer, will always keep your copyright. We simply request the right to share your image in our magazine (both print and digital), and on our website or social media channels (and always with credit).

My photo was selected. Why isn’t it in the issue?

More than likely it was due to the quality of the image you emailed, you sent it to the wrong email, or you did not meet the deadline.

Do I get a copy of the magazine?

All issues are available digitally at no charge. Purchasing a physical copy is appreciated, but totally optional.

What do I do with my badges?

Share them on your website or social media. They’re for you to show off your published status!